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How to Tap into the Power of Infographics for your Digital Marketing Success (Plus D.I.Y Infographic)

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We are visual creatures. Images are processed in the brain 60,000 times faster than text. So, it’s no wonder that infographics have taken off in recent years as a go-to marketing tool. Whether you’re trying to explain a complex concept or simply drive traffic to your website, infographics can be a powerful asset. Here’s a look at why infographics are so effective and how you can create your own.

Why Infographics Work

Humans are hardwired to respond to visual stimuli. In fact, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. When we see something that catches our eye, we’re instinctively drawn to it. And that’s why infographics are such an effective marketing tool—because they grab attention.

But infographics aren’t just good for catching attention; they’re also good for retention. When we see something, we’re more likely to remember it if it’s accompanied by a visual aid. In one study, researchers found that participants who were shown images alongside text recalled 65% of the information three days later, while those who just read the text only remembered 10%.

How to Create Your Own Infographic

Now that you know the benefits of using infographics in your marketing, you’re probably wondering how you can create your own. Don’t worry—it’s not as difficult as it sounds. There are plenty of online tools that make creating infographics easy, even if you don’t have any design experience.

To get started, all you need is an idea for an infographic and some basic data or content to support it. Then, head over to Canva or Piktochart and choose from one of their many templates. These templates will help you put together an infographic that is both professional-looking and effective. Once you’ve chosen your template, all you need to do is add your text and images, customize the colors and fonts, and voila! You’ve created your very first infographic.

Creating an infographic may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of Canva or Piktochart, it’s actually quite simple. And the benefits of using infographics in your marketing make the effort well worth it. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

If you want to be successful in today’s competitive digital landscape, then you need to start using infographics in your marketing campaigns. Infographics are incredibly powerful because they’re eye-catching, informative, and shareable—three things that are essential for any successful marketing campaign. And thanks to online tools like Canva and Piktochart, creating your own infographic is easier than ever before. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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